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András Csengő is mijn naam, geboren (Utrecht, 17 februari 1963) en getogen in Nederland met Hongaarse ’roots’. Mijn ouders ontvluchtten begin november 1956 hun vaderland dat onder de voet werd gelopen door de oprukkende Sovjet-tanks. De Hongaarse opstand werd bruut in de kiem gesmoord, mijn ouders konden niet meer terugkeren……

Tot eind jaren negentig was ik in Nederland woonachtig, ik ben afgestudeerd in ondernemingsrecht aan de Rijksuniversiteit Groningen. Commerciële werkervaring heb ik opgedaan bij diverse internationaal opererende bedrijven, waaronder Heineken.

Na de milleniumwisseling heb ik gewoond en gewerkt in Midden- en Oosteuropese landen, waaronder Hongarije. Momenteel leef ik in het land van mijn ’roots’ met mijn gezin. Inmiddels ben ik reeds een tijdje zelfstandig ondernemer en onafhankelijk publicist.

András News Network

Wekelijks vindt U meerdere columns op deze website over tal van onderwerpen. Meestal becommentarieer actuele nieuwsfeiten op het gebied van (internationale) politiek, maatschappelijk relevante gebeurtenissen, sport en wat al niet meer. Op hypocriete uitspraken van politici en andere ’influencers’ mag ik graag reageren.

Mijn stijl is kritisch/satirisch, maar ik probeer altijd te relativeren. Dat lukt me overigens niet altijd……

Disneyland Paris is the ideal place for the European Parliament! ’It’s the place ’where magic comes to life’!

Disneyland Paris is the ideal place for the European Parliament! ’It’s the place ’where magic comes to life’!

On October 16, the entire European Parliament moved to Strasbourg once again. According to the EU treaty, the EP is required to meet in this city in Alsace once a month, which sets off a ’moving circus’ every time. More than 3,000 people must leave Brussels monthly to make an appearance in this beautiful and culinary interesting city. Over 700 MEPs (the rest are support staff) stay in top hotels every month and enjoy the famous Alsatian wines, while dining in a pricey bistro (all of which are, of course, tax-deductible).

By the way, do EP members attend the plenary sessions in Strasbourg? On average, 70% show up, which means that a whopping 200 MEPs skip out. They may have stayed in Brussels, or they may be staying elsewhere (for example, in their own country or on a parliamentary trip), or they may be sleeping off their hangovers in their hotel rooms, of course. Oh well, those 3 glasses of Marc de Gewürztraminer (45% alcohol) after dessert were probably a bit too much. (Followed by pints at the hotel bar and various glasses of Alsatian pinot gris vendange tardive before and during dinner).

The ’Eurotrain’ runs monthly from Brussels via Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport to Strasbourg. But on October 16, something went wrong. The train convoy ended up on the wrong track and arrived at Disneyland Paris station. The railway staff only realized the mistake after arrival, after which the EP train circus - or circus train - headed in the right direction. The EP members had a lot of fun, the German Green MEP Daniel Freund joked on Twitter - now ’X’ - the following: ’we are NOT a Mickey Mouse Parliament.’ Ah dear reader, again a case in which a German tries to be humorous. Unfortunately, it didn't work now either...

The carriages arrived at Strasbourg station with a delay of three quarters of an hour, after which the MEPs hurried to their luxury hotels (the arrival reception had already started, of course). On average, each MEP spends €3,000 in the four days they stay there. That is €750 per day, which I find a bit much... And what about the total costs for the monthly round trip? That costs the European taxpayer around €115 million per year... Except for EU citizens who live in countries that are net recipients of EU funds, of course. With which this large amount is mainly paid for by citizens of Western and northern Europe...

What was the funniest thing about the arrival at the wrong location? Well, apart from the question of whether the EP train convoy had perhaps, possibly, maybe (for once) arrived at the right destination, I found the mutual fun between Dutch Samira Rafaela (D66) and her PvdA colleague Mohammed Chahim the most striking. Both declared - laughing - to be ’members of team Disneyland’. Fanastic Dutch humor, don’t You think…..?

I am puzzled as to why one of the Green Party leaders in the European Parliament, Bas van Eijckhout, did not make this joke with the Labour Party's Mohammed Chahim. After all, their parties are going into the upcoming campaign for the Dutch general election together under the leadership of ’mr. Green Deal’ Frans Timmermans. I suspect that van Eijckhout lacks the sense of humor to label the collaboration between the Green Party and the Labour Party as ’team Disneyland.’ While there is a good chance that the Dutch parliamentary press will be more than happy to use this characterization soon. When? After the election results of the elections on November will be released…..

In the event of this happening, Frans Timmermans could travel back to Brussels (by train of course) But his place has already been taken by Wopke Hoekstra and Maros Sefcovic, so that's not an option. Come on, Frans, you're from the county of Limburg, right? So, that train can head to Disneyland, the life-sized cartoon characters are waiting for you there, Frans! You might even be able to close a ’green deal’ in the park. With whom? The ’green Kermit the Frog’, of course...

PS 1Who is not flexible about the completely useless EP meetings in Strasbourg? The answer is obvious: who else but La douce France...Macron will never give up Strasbourg as one of the locations of the European Parliament.

PS 2 ’When magic comes to life’, Disney’s slogan soon to be that of the European Parliament? Belgian MEP Emmanuel Foulon asked on Twitter (or ’X’). Of course in the French language…….

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